Traction Device For Penis Enlargement

Andrography is a medically recommended penis enlargement traction device. Many patients all over the world have successfully used it with great effect. The device is basically fixed to the penis with a strap and it can just be worn on the penis while wearing clothing, walking etc.

Traction enhancement is often recommended by physicians to patients as a method of penile enlargement. However, traction devices have been in use for many years and they have proven to be effective in increasing not just the size but also the girth of the penis. This method of penile enhancement gained its popularity when the device known as milking machine was invented. The device enabled the man to effectively control the amount of traction applied to the penis, which then led to an increase in the erection length. Since then, there have been many other models and types of traction devices adopted by different manufacturers to achieve penile enhancement.

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Today, the market is flooded with so many traction devices for penis enlargement. Each one of them has a story of effectiveness to tell. So how do you choose the best traction device? How can you tell which one will really work for you? Here are some guidelines that might help you in your choice.

Firstly, you need to identify what you are really looking for. Are you looking for penile enlargement or will you be using it for the treatment of a medical problem? And if the device is for the treatment of a medical condition, what are the risks involved? How will you know if it will have any adverse effects on you? All these questions are important so that you can make a wise decision when you make a purchase of traction devices for penis enlargement.

The most common traction device for penis enlargement is the jes-extender. It works by applying a constant traction force to the flaccid state of the penis. By applying consistent traction force, the jes-extender draws the flaccid part of the penis towards the erector spinae, making it longer and thicker. This is an effective device, but you should be careful not to apply too much force, otherwise you may injure yourself.

Another penis enlargement device is the medically tested jes extender. It is a one-piece device that is worn like a regular undergarment. It uses continuous traction force to extend the penile shaft, making it longer and thicker in the process. However, this product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration only for use by men who are physically fit and who are not using any other medications for treating erectile dysfunction. So if you are in doubt, it is best to consult your physician first and ask for medical approval.