The Real Facts About Quick Extender Pro

You may have seen the ads on television, websites, or in magazines advertising a unique penis extender product. It’s called the Quick Extender Pro and it claims to let you gain up to an inch overnight. How does this work and is it safe? Are these products really effective and does Quick Extender Pro really work? We’ve taken a look at this unique penis extender to see if it lives up to all the hype and promise. For more details visit at

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The main difference of about one inch can actually seem like a lot. And so, a good way to gauge the safety and effectiveness of this penis stretcher is simply to figure out how much tissue is removed per month. That number is based on thousands of dollars worth of tissue being added to the average male penis over time. Most products and processes claim to make your penis bigger in a short amount of time. But which ones are actually legitimate and which ones are just rip-off or, even worse yet, potentially dangerous?

Quick Extender Pro is one of the few products to actually deliver on their promises. The company behind this unique penis stretcher offers a free set of replacement comfort pads that you can use with the device. What makes this device different from the other products that offer temporary results? The Quick Extender Pro promises permanent results by delivering traction with constant pressure over time. This is different from devices that only apply tension to the tissues and wait for tissue growth to happen.

Comfort pads for a penis extender aren’t the only difference between the Quick extender pro and other brands. The penis extender has a special head that is made of medical-grade silicone. Silicone is known for being extremely comfortable and the Quick extender pro offers just that. Since it is made of a silicone material, the head can be completely replaced over time if desired. If you don’t like the head on the device, the replacement head can be made of any comfortable material.

Rubber straps on other penis enlargement devices come apart after continuous wear. However, the Quick extender or is made of a much more durable design that will not fall apart under daily use. Some of the other brands that feature silicone tubes for traction also have the rubber strap system that can come apart after a short period of time. With the Quick extender so, you have a rubber strap that stays put without ripping or tearing apart over time.

Other companies offer different styles, designs and different materials. You can find quick extenders made of various materials including leather, nylon, and foam. Leather is by far the most popular choice, although you can also find ones made of different types of nylon and foam. When you look at the overall quality and features, it doesn’t really make much difference which type of material the product is made of as long as it is comfortable to wear and it works. It is the comfort and fit that really matter when it comes to getting larger amounts of extra inches.