Reporter Says Naked Shark Guy Wanted to Meet Florida Football Coach Jim McElwain

There is a recent video circulating on the internet of a naked shark man that appeared to be a fan of Florida football coach Jim McElwain. But, the real reason the man wants to meet the Florida coach isn’t clear. The guy may just have been looking for an easy way to get to the Gators. If this is the case, then McElwain should be concerned.

The story started when the shark was found dead on a beach in Florida. The man was a huge fan of the program and wanted to meet the head coach Jimmy John Shark. The shark was a dead one, so he wanted to pose with the coach. But the man got scared and flipped after about an hour. The shark was not alive. The guy reportedly wanted to meet the coach so he could talk to him about his experience.

2 years after the Jim McElwain shark photo went viral, I'm still baffled by  the whole situation

The university’s athletic department was in contact with David Pingalore, a wildlife conversationalist who organized the meeting between the shark and McElwain. After the photo went viral, the man decided not to meet the coach. But McElwain insisted that he wasn’t the naked shark in the photo. Although it is unlikely that McElwain met the man in the photo, he said he wanted to prove to the world that he wasn’t the shark.

The story has travelled, but the truth behind the story is still not clear. It was an innocent mistake, but the public pressure surrounding the situation was too intense. The former offensive coordinator was forced to make a statement after the incident. The coach’s response is disappointing, but it isn’t surprising. The shark was a dead one.

The naked shark man was a friend of the mystery man who happened to be watching the newscast and sent Pingalore other photos of the policeman. While the photos do not support the theory that McElwain is the suspect, they do disprove the story’s implication that the Florida Gators head football coach is the man in the photo.

While it may be true that a naked shark man wanted to meet a Florida football coach, the incident is bizarre and should not be taken lightly. The shark man did not want to meet McElwain because he thought he would be meeting with the Florida coach instead. But the man wanted to shake hands with the former offensive coordinator. The story has gone, and it’s hard to know what the truth is.

The story has made the former coach look ridiculous and unattractive. It is also worth noting that he was in contact with UF associate athletic director Steve McClain. The two men had planned to shake hands and discuss the matter, but the rumor he spread about him was not. The rumor is just too ridiculous to ignore and is not a positive reflection on McElwain.

While it’s impossible to know who the real man is, McElwain’s stance on the situation is still firm. He’s not in the least bit concerned about the public pressure he’s received from the situation. In the meantime, the rumor has made things worse. Regardless of whether he’s being a victim of a publicity stunt or not, his image is not the same.

According to the article, the “naked shark” man was in contact with the athletic director of UF, Steve McClain, before his meeting with McElwain. The two men planned to shake hands in the aftermath of the encounter. A couple of hours later, the naked shark man left the scene and said he had an encounter with a bear at his Montana cabin.