Bone Inlay Chest – How To Decorate

Nothing is quite as satisfying as adding some new finishing touch to an old piece of wood with the use of Bone Inlay Chestnut. Unlike other types of finishing, such as waxing or painting, the use of this particular wood carving method is not permanent – only temporary. The great thing about Bone Inlay Chestnut is that it is so versatile that it can be used on just about any type of wood that you want to achieve a beautiful, natural effect. For more details visit: oldstonesfurniture.

Bone Inlay Chest

One way to utilize this type of finishing is to create new bedroom and living room furniture drawers to replace the ones that are currently in place. It does not matter if your existing drawers are perfectly serviceable – the addition of this unique style of finish will give it new life. The most popular material to use is walnut, which has natural warm tones that complement the rest of the room furniture. If the walnut drawers used are made using solid wood, they can also be finished using a medium-to-dark brown stain to bring out the natural color of the wood as well as bring out the rich look and richness of the walnut itself.

Another way to integrate this type of finishing to an existing dresser is to use it to create new dressers that require only cosmetic changes (no alteration to the actual dressers themselves). This way you won’t have to purchase another dresser and spend money that doesn’t go towards the purchase of another piece of furniture. You can easily accomplish this by purchasing one or two matching bone inlay chests and dressing them up. This can easily be accomplished by using a similar colored stain and then adding a walnut colored dresser top. Finish off the whole project with a matching dust ruffle.

For those that prefer a more hands on approach to decorating their bedroom, a more extensive project may be in order. This means using a combination of both traditional and modern methods. Using a combination of wood granites and metals can be a great way to incorporate this finishing into a dresser. A simple method would be to paint one of the metal pieces with a metallic based stain. Then using the same stain on the interior side of the drawers, the drawer fronts can be covered in a walnut veneer. Using the same paint and finish on the interior as well as the exterior results in a beautifully finished result.

To make a more dramatic effect, faux bone inlay can be layered on top of a walnut colored stain on the drawer fronts. Be sure that the veneer is applied firmly with a cloth so that the full effect of the dark color is achieved. Another option for dresser organizers would be to use a collection of black and brown hues in an attempt to create a sort of Gothic style. Using different hues and darker woods in the faux bone inlay chest dresser drawer can help to offset the lightness of the walnut veneer. These sorts of finishes can also be combined with faux fur or padded knick-knacks for a more personal touch. Using one or more of these methods will depend entirely upon individual taste and budget.

Another option would be to actually apply white paint to cover the surface of the drawers themselves. To do this, a pair of vice grips can be placed over the opening of the drawers and covered in white paint. This allows the person to simply “scratch” the drawers to create a design or pattern in the white paint. White masking tape can then be used to hide any imperfections once the drawers have been painted with white paint. For a more personalized and custom look, a person may want to add a small bit of gold paint to the bottom of the white masking tape to match the silver on the rest of the chest.